Sandra K. Horner

Sandra began her teaching career in New York City. In 1992, she moved to Minnesota and founded The Performance Studio, located in the heart of Minneapolis’ (MPLS) downtown theatre district. In 2000, she opened an LA branch of The Performance Studio International. As artistic director, she teaches classes based in: Stanislavski Method, Robert Lewis Script Analysis, and Sanford Meisner Technique. She creates an environment that supports artistic growth for both teens and adults. Actors become more confident through practicing these methods. (To her knowledge, Sandra is the only teacher in LA teaching Robert Lewis’ approach.)

Sandra hosted many guest instructors at The Performance Studio including: David Lind – Chekhov; Julia Carey – Shakespeare; Eric Holmgren – Actor’s Movement; and Saule Ryan – voice, Roy Hart Theatre of France. While in Minnesota, Sandra also taught classes at the colleges of Macalaster and St. Olaf.

Wide Variety Theatre (WVT) is an important part of The Performance Studio. Sandra founded the theatre in Minneapolis. WVT gives her students an avenue to apply the techniques she teaches to a script, and perform it in front of an audience including Industry Professionals. Many actors get representation and work from WVT. Performing in LA and MPLS, Sandra has cast, directed and produced over 70 productions of Wide Variety Theatre.

Sandra worked as a stage actress in New York City for 10 years. Her training included: 80 hours of study with former Head of the Yale Drama Department and acting master from The Group Theatre, Robert Lewis; and Meisner Technique with Kathryn Gately. Her many credits include: the world premiere of “Currents Turned Awry,” by Pulitzer Prize winning playwright, D.L.Coburn; “Hello Bob,” by Broadway playwright, Robert Patrick; and “Beiderbecke’s Last Drunk,” winner of the Samuel French One-Act Festival. As an actress, she has appeared in film, television, and commercials. (In the movie “Jingle All The Way,” an enjoyable moment was beating Arnold Schwarzenegger in the head with a purse.)

Sandra debuted as a director in New York City, at the Nat Horn Theatre. She has directed over 250 plays in NYC, LA, and MPLS including: Alan Ball’s, “Five Woman Wearing the Same Dress”; “The Owl and the Pussycat,” by Bill Manhoff; “Ikee, Ikee, Nye, Nye, Nye,” by Lanford Wilson; and “Hidden this Picture,” by Aaron Sorkin. For film, Sandra directed a romantic criminal comedy, “Organized Crime” and the 1969 rock & roll drama, “Sound Booth.”

While teaching in Minnesota, Sandra co-created and was the showrunner of an original sketch variety show called “Irelene Television Theater” now called “ITT 3-D TV NETWORK.” This unique idea sparked a call from Carsey-Werner which started the ball rolling toward creating original television concepts…and she headed west to L.A.

Sandra is also the owner, writer, and executive producer of H. B. Creations. This production company was formed when Bette Midler was interested in their sit-com idea. Currently, HBC has multiple sit-coms concepts, a one-hour 1969 rock & roll murder mystery, a one-hour paranormal adventure, twelve reality shows including big and small formats, and a mock 3-D sketch variety show all in treatment, pilot and/or sizzle form. Sandra has many doors open including those at: ABC, CBS, HBO, FOX, Sony, Paramount, Imagine Entertainment, Comedy Central, Disney Channel, and Warner Bros.

Adding another hat to her entertainment rack, Sandra has worked as a talent agent in Beverly Hills. She is happy to share that aspect of the business with her students.